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There are six categories to look through and select the products you would like to send to your missionary, which will be added to your shopping cart.  You will find, Food, Cereal, Clothes, Groceries, Accessories/Other, and Health and Beauty. There is an additional category called Holiday Packages for special dates where you will find themed packages, and you can add extra products of your choice. At checkout, you will find Mission-Shipping where you can select the destination for your package. Cost will vary by mission.

Once your shopping cart is ready, you may proceed with the payment. Remember that you can use PayPal or a Credit Card as method of payment.

When the purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. The package will be delivered to the mission offices and you will receive an update on your completed order.

We want you to feel safe placing this order. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. If there is a product that is not on our site, we do our best to find it for you and make it available for shipping. Everything is possible, contact us and we’ll make it happen! Build your package as you would like it and select the desired delivery date, so that your missionary may receive it as expected.

GO, you are ready to SHIP a PACKAGE!

Mission Shipping days Price
Santiago East Mission 1 week  US$15
Santiago West Mission 1 week US$15
Santiago North Mission 1 week US$15
Santiago South Mission 1 week US$15
Viña del Mar Mission 1 week US$20
Rancagua Mission 1 week US$20
Concepcion Mission 1 week + 2 days US$22
Concepcion South Mission 1 week + 2 days US$22
Antofagasta Mission 1 week + 3 days US$27
Osorno Mission 1 week + 3 days US$27
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